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Germantown Academy’s Arthur Frayler Speaks on Working the Dream!

Frayler takes PanAm Gold
Arthur Frayler takes PanAm Gold  -AP Images

Germantown Academy reigning Big Man on Campus speaks with USA Swimming’s Bob Schaller about growing up training with Fran and how it shaped his race to the gold medal in the 1500m at this year’s PanAm Games!

Frayler is an up and coming star on the USA scene. He has been training at Germantown Academy with Coach Dick Schoulberg since middle school and has made multiple appearances at US Nationals. This PanAm Games victory was his first international gold. He also took the silver medal in the 10K PanAm Open Water race.

His thoughts on ‘Working the Dream’ and competing for #1:

My times need to pick up this year. I know I can do better in the 500 in college, and the 1650, and Coach Troy will help me with that. I am always shooting to be Number 1. You have to aim to be better. There is always someone out there who on a given day can be better than you, so you’d better be ready to be your best and give it all you’ve got. Not everyone wants to swim all these yards or meters all the time, because swimming is not the easiest thing. But like where I was able to turn it on in the 1500 – that comes from all the training I did, that was the reason I was able to do that and win a gold.

Frayler on training with Fran:

Watching him (Fran) train and watching him swim and swimming with him in races, anyone could see that he could do anything. People ask me if Fran would have made the Olympic team, and I just laugh, because there is no doubt that he would, and would have been swimming for the gold medal. … I think about him a lot – he still motivates and inspires me, and always will. … I knew going into Pan Ams that I was going to show people I could do something, because I had done the training with Coach Shoulberg, and because I wanted to do something special for Fran…

You can read the full length interview here.

Congratulations Arthur Frayler and good luck at U of Florida next year. We look forward to watching you Work the Dream!

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  1. November 04, 2011 at 12:14 am, Shawn Meyer said:

    Awesome, Arthur! Congratulations!!


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