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Crippen Clinics-Giving Back to Swimming

On July 10, we hosted our first Crippen Clinic! With the help of La Salle University and head swimming coach, Jamie Platt, we were able to pay it forward in a way that directly gives back to the young swimmers in the area.

Olympians Maddy Crippen and Alex Meyer, as well as current and former National Team Member Eva Fabian and Teresa Crippen, put on a 3 hour clinic and share some techniques, drills and tips for the young age group swimmers.

While Maddy, Alex, Eva and Teresa were helping the swimmers in the water, Richard Shoulberg and Lori Andress were helping teach the parents about water safety. As part of the clinic, the parents were offered the opportunity to talk with Lori and Shoulberg about different topics to help their kids have the most fun and success in the sport. They also were given the chance to review CPR by getting a training overview by Lori. Passing on these life-saving techniques and water safety tips is crucial to the mission of the foundation and we are so thankful to Shoulberg, Lori and all the parents who participated. We sincerely hope the safety portion left people walking away feeling more confident about water safety.

We had a blast with all those who came out to support the first Crippen Clinic! We are looking forward to doing another in the fall, so stay tuned!


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